September 2018

This project introduced basic methodologies and thinking procedures as interior designers. In this case, a tomato's systems were analyzed and documented in mediums such as orthographic drawings, mappings, and diagrams. Once
these systems were clearly defined, a bristol construct was created that clearly expressed the systems whilst maintaining a relationship with the tomato. This construct envelopes the tomato, communicating spatial qualities.


Hand-drawn Orthographic Section Projections

Tomato projection.jpg

System Diagrams

Top to bottom:
Vein Structure

More detailed mapping of multiple systems in one drawing.

Section Mapping Diagrams.jpg

Process Construct Models

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Final Construct

Relationship of hard, exterior curvature compressing into the fleshy interior. The planes are asymmetrical like the non-uniform geometry of the tomato. The strips contrast the sharp edges, suggesting the delicateness behind the dynamic structure.