Ever since childhood, I always had a passion for the crafts. Whether it was building my Lego Harry Potter steam train, baking my pottery cup set, or painting my dream treehouse, my hands and imagination were constantly at work.

The transition of passion to a clarification of design philosophy happened during a high-school research project. I came across an activist/artist called Ai Weiwei whose works are pioneering - his sole aim is to challenge convention. He says the moment we stop inquiring, challenging, and therefore progressing, we are no better than dead. Each of his pieces introduces unfamiliar ideas to the world, influencing the way others think too. The fact that there is a similar influential design field that shapes the spaces we live and perform our routines in, was a no-brainer for me to pursue this interior design.

That being said, I am a designer who appreciates conceptual depth that radiates throughout the space to the finest grain. At the same time, if that concept is truly pioneering and progressive, it blows my hair back. I hope to witness someone passing by have a similar reaction when standing in a space that I designed.

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